A Seasonal Poem

A seasonal poem taken from Tynron Thoughts by William A Wilson and printed by Robert Dinwiddie, 117, High Street, Dumfries in 1925. Mr Wilson ran Tynron post office during the 1920’s.




Varied colours, like paintings rare

On some great canvas glittering fair;

On Stenhouse Wood the weak sun shone;

Shinnel midst ice-bound pebbles drone.

On wooded banks the fungi cluster red,

And hawes weigh down the hawthorn’s head;

The Linn’s swirling spray icicles the cliff,

Round the fallen fir whirls the snow in drift.

Burr of wings ! and dash the red grouse flew,

And moorcocks in black and sapphire hue;

Amatory nature her tables spread

With hollyberries and hawthorns red.

Brown spot—one of those conglomerates yon –

It seems to move, and yet so like a stone.

Deer! so near to nature, you’re scarcely seen

From the thicket to this bare patch of green.

In the Linn the woodsias are hanging there,

And other ferns which are just as fair ;

Those sheltering neuks are safe defiles

To the vertebrates and avifauna of the wilds.


[1] also spelt Clodderoch