Joint Community Benefit Fund- Survey Information

Things are beginning to happen with the Joint Community Benefit Fund (pooling windfarm money with Keir and Penpont for long-term projects).

As some of you know, the Fund has been awarded a grant to have a professional community consultation carried out, so that we can ascertain the wishes and ideas of everybody in the community, as well as establish the resources and skills we possess.

The community consultation is being conducted by Community Enterprise, who have decided on the following steps:

  1. a survey, more comprehensive than the one we sent round a year ago;
  2. a small event in each community at which people can meet and submit and discuss their ideas;
  3. a large joint event in Penpont.

The survey can be completed at the following link: It is also on the JCBF facebook page:

You can complete it and return it online. Also hard copies of the survey will be available in the phonebox which you can complete and return to the secure box located there or at either of the events. It would be preferable if you could complete the survey before the consultation events but the final closing date is Monday 14 November 2016.

2. The Tynron small event will be held on Wednesday 26 October, 2-4pm, at Tynron Hall. A member of Community Enterprise will be there to facilitate matters. If you cannot get to that session, you are welcome at Keir (same day, 11-1, Keir Hall) or at Penpont (same day, 5:30-8pm, Gladstone Hall.)

3. The Joint event will take the form of a Community Quiz at the school in Penpont, early evening Friday 11 November. More details of this later, but please save the date.

We want to see as many people as possible at these events. It should be the start of some exciting developments. And even if you can’t get to the events, do please complete the survey.