Kier, Penpont and Tynron Development Trust Meeting

The KPT Development Trust is holding a meeting on 11 January at 7:30pm in Keir Hall. Everybody is most welcome to attend, and we hope that this is enough notice (finally!).

We also hope you enjoy attending and getting involved. A few projects are up and running, but more can be started and run concurrently; it is up to all residents to bring their enthusiasm and ideas to get things going.

Please see the up-date below on the progress of the Development Trust.

There is also a Facebook page for folk who follow Facebook

KPT update, 4.12.17
Recently, the KPT Development Trust has had meetings on 17 August 2017 (Gladstone Hall: the open meeting to invite people to join the Development Trust), 19 September 2017 (Keir Hall) and 2 November 2017 (Keir Hall).

17 August saw the initiation of the Development Trust. About ?30 people attended, and 6 main project areas were set up, reflecting the priorities established by the community consultation:
1. Community Communication – mobile and broadband;
2. Connecting our villages: paths maps and walks;
3. Community transport;
4. Community hubs and halls – social network;
5. Affordable Housing; and
6. Renewable Energy Projects.

At the meeting on 19 September 3 groups were set up:
• one group dealing with the legal framework of the Development Trust, led by Maureen Halkett.
• one project group concerned with Community Communication, led by Tim Simmonds;
• one project group investigating connections between the 3 villages to establish paths, walks and maps, led by Sue Hall.
It was agreed, however, that although members of the current JCBF could participate or lead project groups, they should either resign from the project group once it was established or resign from the JCBF, to avoid conflict of interest over assigning funds to projects.

Progress was reported at the second meeting on 2 November:

Legal framework: A company limited by guarantee (CLG) as opposed to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) was decided upon, because a CLG is more flexible and the purposes and objects can be reviewed on a regular basis. The CLG can become a SCIO later if desirable (easier to do than the other way round).
A memorandum of articles will be signed by three signatories, one from each of the three communities. Once formed as a company, the first Directors’ Meeting will be held and up to 12 Directors can be appointed. These will be the first directors until the first AGM is called. All directors then stand down and the members of the Development Trust elect the new directors.

Broadband/communications: The short term aim is to look at:
• what availability there is in the three communities;
• ways of supporting businesses to publicise free wi-fi hot spots in the area such as Penpont Tearoom, and broadband at each of the three halls;
• producing a help sheet to assist people in improving their broadband
The medium aim is to target some areas and the long term aim is to help each household reach at least 10 mbs.

The Paths, Maps and Walks group had met twice and decided as its short term aims:
• to disseminate a leaflet on the Access Code highlighting the risks from dog faeces left lying on walking areas;
• to have an open day in January to walk 2 popular paths and see what needed to be done in terms of clearing paths and making maps/guides.
• to explore provision of maps by local people with experience of this.
• to produce leaflets on local walks (hopefully by next spring)
The medium term aim is the improvement of paths in the area, and the longer term aim is to look at the feasibility of a footpath/cycle route between Penpont and Thornhill.

• as the tenancy of Courthill Smithy in Keir is becoming vacant, we explored the idea of making use of the Smithy to reflect its importance as the place where the first pedalled bicycle was made by Kirkpatrick Macmillan. The Smithy itself is too small to house a full-blown cycle museum and it lacks facilities and parking, but could be ancillary to a possible hub or building in Penpont with such facilities.
• The potential of the Marrburn road burn in Penpont as a hydro scheme is being reviewed.
• The name of the trust was decided as “The KPT Development Trust”
• It was agreed that the 3 CCs should be asked to earmark £100 each to pay for refreshments and hire of halls for meetings

The next meeting will be held in Keir Hall on 11 January at 7:30pm.

(The bias towards Keir Hall as a venue is because it is not used on Thursdays, a day that seems to suit most of the people who want to attend DT meetings. If you would like to join the Trust and can’t manage Thursdays, please alert a member of the KPT steering group: for email address see the CC box.)