Resilience Launch Event

Resilience Launch event – Drop into Tynron Hall on Saturday 21st January between 2pm – 4pm Tea and Cakes available.

Dumfries and Galloway Council are encouraging each Community to develop a plan to use local resources and expertise so that they can help themselves and vulnerable people in an emergency, in a way that complements the response of the emergency services.

The Community Council are very aware that people in Tynron have always been prepared to pitch in and help each other in difficult times. We certainly DON’T wish to discourage this. However, the advantage for us in having a Plan is that anyone who is named as volunteer would be covered by insurance. We also may be able to bid for additional funding for equipment.

The CC set up a Working Party and they have drafted a Plan for Tynron which

1) Gives contact details of people who can co-ordinate help in an emergency and liaise with the Council and other Services

2) Lists the kinds of things which might go wrong e.g. Flooding, Heavy Snow etc. and how we can deal with them

3) Identifies ways of supporting vulnerable people

We are pleased to say that a number of people have already volunteered their expertise and equipment. If you would like to help, please contact Mary Newbould on 200379

To find out more and give us your ideas, please drop in to our Resilience Launch Event on Saturday 21st January 2pm – 4pm in Tynron Hall Tea, cakes and refreshments will be provided.